Sunday, March 15, 2009

Le Pliage: It's Affordable, Collapsible, and French.

Everywhere I turn, I see the Le Pliage. It is fitting that the new "It" bag by Longchamp is named after the word pliage (french for a folding), since the bag virtually disappears in a matter of folds. From its debut, the Longchamp Le Pliage was the epitome of affordable and effortless French style. The lightweight nylon fabric of the bag provides the bag its signature structure: regardless of whether is full or empty, the Le Pliage holds the distinct shape it's come to be recognized for. Back then, the "It" bag was definitely the Herve' Chapelier tote. The past couple of years however, there was a turn toward an "It" shape: more and more women today need bags that fit their individual needs, and a nylon tote doesn't always make the cut. But low and behold, upon returning to campus after the winter holiday, I was overwhelmed by the amount of women sporting the Le Pliage bag, in all colours, all sizes, and all styles.

$98 Le Pliage Small Original Handbag (regular thin strapped), at

I usually knock down trends. From my experience, "It" items are quick and passing fads. But I must say, the Le Pliage bag is destined to become bonafide classic (if it isn't already). Case in point: my grandmother bought her black travel sized Le Pliage nearly 15 years ago and still uses it today. Indeed, for women who want to invest in a practical and chic handbag, spending a minimum of $98 USD for a Le Pliage is indeed a worthy option (especially in this "economic recession").

I'm sure the bag is popular all over the world, and not just within my tiny vacuum of a campus (my school has a measly population of roughly 6,000 students). And regardless of whether a woman (or young girl for that matter) purchases the Le Pliage for practical use or to keep up with the masses of other Le Pliage carrying consumers, the handbag is undoubtedly a timeless buy. But I guess my big predicament now is whether or not a man like me can have his very own Le Pliage.

$235 Le Pliage Travel Bag (Chocolate), at

Interestingly enough, the Le Pliage is described as a unisex bag. I've yet to see a man with the bag, but I will admit that I wouldn't mind a Longchamp travel sized Le Pliage in chocolate, or the special edition Le Pliage Art Deco travel bag. I mean c'mon: it's affordable, it's collapsible, it's French, and it comes with shoulder straps!

$285 Le Pliage Art Deco Travel Bag, at Longchamp.Com

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Fashion Addict said...

I really love Longchamp bags and I think they are timeless. And the bags simply match almost any outfit! I have to go to a Longchamp boutique soon to check them out!