Monday, March 2, 2009

The Prada Messenger.

When Prada showed their Spring 2009 collection last year, one bag caught my eye: The Navy Nylon/Suede Messenger. The quilted nylon, the earthy leather straps, and the suede work so well together. And those gold accents are a nice touch too.

I've been using my Prada messenger for about a month now, and I can't complain. The bag holds up well in most conditions, but it is probably better to sport something more water-resistant when the rain comes-a-pouring. The bag has two external pockets beneath the flap, the main pouch, in which there is a smaller zip-up pocket, and a length-wide zip-up compartment on the back. And the detailing on the inside is flawless.

This messenger isn't huge by any means; in fact, it might be smaller than your typical messenger bag since it comes without any expandable pockets, and the material isn't one that stretches easily (nor should it be). But I manage just fine with its size. My 15" MacBook Pro fits inside nicely, along with a full notebook, my Moleskine planner, and if necessary, another small book or two.

It's refreshing for a change to see a bag that not only meets its purpose, but also pulls together just about any look. So thank you Prada.

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00o00 said...

that's my much wanted prada bag!
i am actually waiting for it to be reduced heh but i don't think it will be...

love the bag!