Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let It Rain (For Valet Magazine)

Life's been chaotic the past few weeks. What with traveling to Canada and then Hong Kong, arriving in Providence and then stopping by Boston... my body clock is no longer existent. That being said, I do have a flood of posts coming up after this coming week passes -- everything from watches, to shoes, to bags, and just all types of sartorial goodies. I'll also throw in a low down on Hong Kong, and some of the interesting fashion trends I spotted there.

For now though, check out a freelance piece I was fortunate enough to write for the impeccably sartorial Valet Magazine entitled, "Let It Rain." It's an article on the rain boot and its ever practical use (and in my opinion, very dapper style). Though for those of you who are fortunate enough to be enjoying the wondrous glimpses of warmth and dryness that should indeed come with Spring, please soak it up for all of us left to battle through wet terrains!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!