Saturday, February 28, 2009

Derivations and Such.

Let's start out with some particular definitions shall we?

tailored, n. Made to suit particular needs; adjusted.

style, n. A kind, sort, or type, as determined by manner of composition or construction, or by outward appearance.

lifestylen. A way or style of living.

(Many thanks to the Oxford English Dictionary -- such a useful tool).

And now the general blabbery:

This is my quotidial journal of style, my personal vogue if you will. Truth is, I spend a good portion of my life spotting trends, trying to understand some of them, and attempting to pull off others. So why not keep track, of both the hits and the misses?

Let me be the first to admit that I am no maven and I am certainly no sartorialist. No, I'm just a peruser of style blogs, a pursuer of style, and maybe through this blog even a purveyor of style advice. Furthermore, I, like many others, am in a constant attempt to find a lifestyle that truly resonates with who I am. I believe then that lifestyles shouldn't be adopted, they should be cultured.

I want to make one thing clear though: this blog is not about fashion, but living in a pursuit of personal style. I differentiate the two -- fashion and style -- because fashion is an entity, the dynamic, shifting wave of what's in today and what's out tomorrow. Fashion is marvelous, but it's simultaneously too vast and too specific. Furthermore, fashion is difficult to write about from a personal standpoint since fashion writing usually holds a certain level of objectivity. But writing about style is personal. For me, style is compositional. More importantly, style can be timeless. Style requires not so much a chicness, but simply a comfortable confidence. And with enough observing, enough risk-taking, and enough daring, style can be perfected, style can be tailored.

Thus, A Tailored Lifestyle.